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Universal Large Waterproof Bag (with Lanyard), Pink
MSRP Price: $14.99
Our Price: $9.99

Detailed Description

55Product Information
  • Product ID: UNIVP200WP
  • BarCode: 885126259606
  • Product Name: MYBAT Universal Hot Pink Lightning Waterproof Bag (with Lanyard)(200) (with Package)
  • Description:
    • When phone sits in the bag, you can still make the operations as follows:
    • Touch screen to have access to phone functions
    • Take photos, even under the condition of water
    • Answer, end, and send calls
    • Please make a simple waterproof test and check if bag is broken£¬especially for seal and sides before use
    • Sharp objects will not scratch the bag during use
    • When taking phone out of bag after use in water, please make the seal down to avoid water flowing into the bag
    • Don’t use the product in the hot spring.  And the environment temperature should be less than 40°
    Technical Information
    • Compatible Models:

    SAMSUNG: Galaxy Note 5, G925 (Galaxy S6 Edge), G920 (Galaxy S6), G530 (Galaxy Grand Prime), G360 (Prevail LTE), G850A (Galaxy Alpha), G386T (Galaxy Avant), W750V (ATIV SE), T399 (Galaxy Light), M840 (Galaxy Prevail 2), M840 (Galaxy Ring), i537 (Galaxy S4 Active), T599 (Galaxy Exhibit), Galaxy S 4 (I337/L720/M919/I545/R970/I9505/I9500), G730A (Galaxy S III mini), Galaxy S III (i747/L710/T999/i535/R530/i9300), Galaxy S6 edge Plus, Galaxy Core Prime, G313ML (Galaxy Ace 4 Lite), J100 (Galaxy J1), G890A (Galaxy S6 Active), Galaxy E5, A700 (Galaxy A7), Galaxy Prevail Lte, G357 (Galaxy Ace Style), N915T (Galaxy Note Edge), S150, G906 (GALAXY F), S765C (Galaxy Ace Style), G860P (Galaxy S5 Sport), G800H (Galaxy S5 Mini), G870A (Galaxy S5 Active), Galaxy S5, I187 (ATIV S Neo), I200PP (Galaxy Legend), I8675 (ATIV S Neo), i800 (ATIV S Neo), i407 (Galaxy Amp), R830C (Galaxy Admire 2), R740C (Galaxy Discover), T289 (Gravity Q), R480 (Freeform 5), Galaxy S4 mini, S738C (Galaxy Centura), I425 (Galaxy Stratosphere III), T899 (Odyssey), i9260 (Galaxy Premier), i930 (ATIV Odyssey), i547 (Galaxy Rugby Pro), T699 (Galaxy S Relay 4G), L300 (Galaxy Victory 4G LTE), M830 (Galaxy Rush), I200 (Stellar), R820 (Galaxy Admire 4G), M950 (Galaxy Reverb), i667 (Focus 2), T769 (Galaxy S Blaze 4G), R920 (GALAXY ATTAIN 4G), I927 (Captivate Glide), i515 (Galaxy Nexus), T679 (Exhibit II 4G), I405 (Stratosphere), T989 (Galaxy S II), D710 (Epic 4G Touch/Galaxy S II 4G/R760), I510 (Droid Charge), I777 (Galaxy S II), D600 (Conquer 4G),
    KYOCERA: C6740 (Wave), E6782 (Brigadier), C6530 (Hydro Life), C5215 (Hydro Edge), C5170 (Hydro), E6715 (Torque XT), C6730 (Hydro Icon), C6725 (Hydro Vibe), Hydro Plus, C6522 (Hydro XTRM), C6750 (Hydro Elite), C6721 (Hydro XTRM), C2150, E6710 (Torque),
    ALCATEL: 7046T (One Touch Conquest), OneTouch IDOL 3 (5.5, 5042T (OneTouch Pop Astro), 4015 (One Touch /C1), 5042A (OneTouch Pop 2), A845L (One Touch Pop Star), 4037T (One Touch Evolve II), 7040 (One Touch Fierce II), 7030Y (One Touch), 988B (One Touch Shockwave), 7024W (One Touch Fierce), 5020T (One Touch Evolve), ADR3045US (One Touch Shockwave), 995 (One Touch),
    LG: LS751 (Volt 2), LS665 (Tribute 2), D690 (G3 STYLUS), VS450PP (Optimus Exceed 2), VN280 (Extravert 2), VS415PP (Optimus Zone 2), VS876 (Lucid 3), D415 (Optimus L90), LS740 (Volt), MS500 (Optimus F6), VS980 (G2), D800 (G2), LG870 (Optimus F7), D801 (Optimus G2), VM720 (Optimus F3), US780 (Optimus F7), RISIO, Tribute Duo, Ultimate 2, G STYLUS, Logos, L16C (Lucky), L15G (Sunrise), VW820 (Lancet), H340 (LEON), H326 (LEON), H345 (LEON), H443 (Escape 2), H502F (Magna), H220 (Joy), C40 (Leon)/H320, G4, LS996 (G Flex 2), 306G, VS810PP (Transpyre), 530G, MS359 (F60), LS660 (TRIBUTE), LN280 (Aspire), LS885 (G3 Vigor), LS620 (Realm), L34C (Optimus Fuel), F70, D725 (G3 mini), G3, G2 mini, C410 (Xpression 2), MS323 (Optimus L70), LS980 (G2), D820 (Nexus 5), D500 (Optimus F6), VS890 (Enact), MS659 (Optimus F3), LS720 (Optimus F3), VS840PP (Optimus Exceed), L40G (Optimus Extreme), 840G, VS870 (Lucid 2), MS870 (Spirit 4G), E960 (Nexus 4), VS930 (Spectrum 2), LS970 (Optimus G), P880 (Optimus 4X HD), P769 (Optimus L9), E970 (Optimus G), US730/Splendor /Venice /L86c/Optimus Showtime, P870 (Escape), MS770 (Motion 4G), LS696 (Optimus Elite), MS695 (Optimus M+), MS840 (Connect 4G), E739 (myTouch), LS855 (Marquee), VS920 (Spectrum), VS700 (Enlighten/ Gelato Q), P999 (G2X),
    MOTOROLA: Moto E (2nd generation), Moto G, Moto X, Moto X Style, XT1254 (Droid Turbo), XT1064 (Moto G 2nd Gen), MOTO X+1, Moto E, XT1080M (Droid Maxx), XT1030 (Droid mini), XT1080 (Droid Ultra), XT901 (Electrify M), XT926M (Droid Razr Maxx HD), XT907 (Droid Razr M), XT897 (Photon Q), XT881 (Electrify 2), XT556 (Defy XT), MB886 (ATRIX HD), XT926W (Droid Razr HD), XT912M (Droid Razr Maxx), XT894 (Droid 4), XT912 (Droid Razr), MB865 (Atrix 2), WX435 (Triumph), XT862 (Droid 3), MB810 (Droid X),
    HTC: One M9, 510 (Desire 510), Desire 601, Desire 626S, Desire 626, M910 (Desire EYE), 331ZLVW (DESIRE 612), One E8, One W8/One (M8) for Windows, 6515 (One Remix), 610 (Desire 610), One M8 mini, One M8, One mini/M4, 8XT, First, One/M7, One SV, 8S (Accord), One X+, Desire C, Windows Phone 8X, EVO 4G LTE, One X, One S, ADR6410 (INCREDIBLE 4G LTE), Radar 4G, EVO Design 4G, ADR6285 (Hero S), Amaze 4G, ADR6330 (Rhyme), ADR6425 (Rezound), Hero 4G/Kingdom, myTouch 4G Slide, Sensation 4G, EVO 3D, ADR6350 (Droid Incredible 2), Inspire 4G, ADR6400 (Thunderbolt), myTouch 4G, EVO 4G, HD2,
    ZTE: N9130 (Speed), N9515 (Warp Sync), Z796C (Majesty), N800 (Awe), N9810 (Supreme), Z992 (Avail 2), N810 (Reef), Z995 (Overture), N9101 (Imperial), N9100 (Force), N861 (Warp Sequent), Maven, Z995 (Sonata 2), 812 (Overture 2), Z792 (Fanfare), Z936L (Lever LTE), Z752C (Zephyr), N9516 (Imperial II), Z932L (Rapido LTE), Zinger, Z667 (prelude 2), Z432 (MONTGO), Z830 (Compel), Z777 (Grand X), N9835 (Grand S Pro), Prelude, Sonata, Z730 (Concord II), Z740 (Radiant), Z795G (Solar), Z788G (Illustra), Z660G (Whirl), Z665C (Valet), Z750C (Savvy), N9511 (Source), V970T (Grand X/Mimosa), Z998, N9510 (Warp 4G), N9810 (Vital), Director, N8000 (Engage LT), N9500 (Flash), N9120 (Avid 4G), V8000 (Engage), MWP3505US (Render), N910 (Anthem 4G), V768 (Concord), N850 (Fury), X500 (Score),
    NOKIA: Lumia 635, 521 (Lumia 521), Lumia928 (Laser), 830 (Lumia 830), Lumia 530, 630 (Lumia 630), 929 (Lumia Icon), 520 (Lumia 520), 1020 (Lumia 1020), 925 (Lumia 925), 620 (Lumia), 900 (Lumia 900), 920 (Lumia), 820 (Lumia 820),
    SONY ERICSSON: C6916 (Xperia Z1S), Xperia Z3 Compact, 6708 (XPERIA Z3v), D6603/D6616 (Xperia Z3), XPERIA Z1, C6606 (Xperia Z), C6603 (Xperia Z), TL30AT (Xperia TL), LT28AT (Xperia Ion),
    HUAWEI: H881C (Ascend Plus), H892G (Raven LTE), H891L Pronto LTE, 536A, Y301A2 (Vitria), Y301 (Valiant), H867G (Inspira), H883G (W1), U8686 (Prism II), M931 (Premia 4G), M866 (Ascend Y), U8680 (myTouch), M920 (Activa 4G), M886 (Mercury), M865 (Ascend II),
    APPLE: iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S/5, iPod touch (5th generation), iPhone 4S/4, iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (6th generation), iPhone 6, iPhone 3GS/3G,
    BLU: D810 (Studio Energy), W110i (Tank 4.5), D310 (Dash 4.5), A310a (Advance 4.5), A270a (Advance 4.0),
    ASUS: Zenfone 2, PadFone X ,
    BLACKBERRY: Leap, Classic, Z30 (Aristo), Q5, Q10, Z10,
    MICROSOFT: Lumia 435, Lumia 640 (AT&T/Cricket), Lumia 640 (T-Mobile/MetroPCS), Lumia 735/730,
    SHARP: 306 (Aquos Crystal),
    AMAZON: Fire phone,
    NEC: Terrain,
    PANTECH: ADR930LVW (Perception), P8010 (Flex), ADR8995 (Breakout),
    CASIO: C811 (G'zOne Commando 4G),
    COOLPAD: 5860E (Quattro 4G)

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MSRP Price: $14.99
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