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"Why can’t we all experience the stellar (unprecendented?) service that Valerie and Yes, provides?  Not only did she find the obscure mobile phone charger we needed, she went way beyond the call of duty and searched out a UPS drop box (her UPS driver had already picked up the outgoing packages for the day) to ensure our receiving the order next day.   She wasn’t finished there.  She called me the next day, after tracking the package and confirming its delivery – all this without being asked.  Valerie and Yes, takes “customer service”  (an oxymoron, in this day and age, if ever there was one) to a stunning new level.  “Yes,” couldn’t be a more apt company name.  I’m still dumbstruck by their commitment to their customers!" (Wendy C. 09/29/11)


"One plug and it worked...I truly can't thank you enough for you being so very kind to me! I am still in shock, I was online in less then 5 seconds. It's great what you do and how much it is appreciated!" (Jennifer, 03/25/11)
"I've bought a lot of stuff in my well-over-fifty years, in person, mail-order, and online. But I've NEVER been treated better than when I did business with When they had something on their website that almost fit my needs I called them to see what was possible. I was shocked when an owner picked up the phone, and in a few very pleasant minutes I came away better off than I would have dreamed possible. Suggestions were made, shipping was waived in favor of putting some stamps on something really tiny and I came away a devoted fanatic, determined to shout praise for this outfit. I'll be back, fersure! It's too bad all business isn't done this way. It's the personal touch, they really believe in finding a way to get to "yes"  Go ahead, give them a call. Shop here - you'll be glad you did." (Gavin, 09/09/09)

"Thanks for always having what I need and for getting it to me in a quick and problem-free manner. Although I miss seeing Mariana and the girls, this [website] is so convenient! Thanks again for the superior customer service you provide." (Marta, 4/23/08)

"Your service was great. The lady that helped me find a bluetooth adapter for my panisonic car radio, helped me and told me were I could buy it. She was great. I wish I new her name.Without her I'd still be looking. THANK YOU FOR GREAT SERVICE   I just cant say enough."  (Bill, 10/26/07)

"You are wonderful!I ordered a replacement phone from Nextel on Jan. 17. I ordered the accessories for it from YesofCourse on the same day. The accessories arrived several days ago, and they are sitting here gathering dust - because I'm still waiting for the phone from Nextel. Plus Nextel will charge an arm and a leg for slooooooow shipping!Thanks for the great service!" (Loretta, 1/24/07)


 "You guys are GREAT!  and it seems that whatever Im ordering its always on sale.  I just LOVE that! I cant get over how helpful you always are, and now, to ship an order w/in the hour it was placed...actually, it might have been w/in the half hour.  smokin!  I really appreciate your attention to detail and excellent customer service.  In this day and age, its rare.thanks! (Tracie, 6/1/06)

"I must say I am thrilled with the Motorola Bluetooth headphones. They are simply unbelievable. Thanks for calling to check on compatiblity. It is not only compatible with my PDA, it is compatible with ME. Great product and great support. I will keep my business coming your way." (Tony, 5/8/06)
"I have not had much luck ordering anything for my i730 cell phone even off ebay and the sellers there will not return any of my emails and will not correspond with me at all, now I am left with items I can't use, so I am very grateful for you people, you are a true asset to the public, Thank you." (Antoinette, 3/10/06)
"I placed an order for a couple of Nextel accessories, and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I received my order.  The quality of both items appeared high, and the pricing was very good.  (I had previously ordered a similar item from another website, and while the pricing was similar, the quality was such that the item was unusable.)  I'm impressed with this combination of service, quality and pricing, and will continue to order from you as well as recommend you.  Thanks." (Steve, 9/30/05)
"Thanks for the prompt return to my email. I did receive my order yesterday, just like you said. You guys provide great service and will receive my business in the future." (Bobby, 5/18/05)

"Thank you for your great follow up! I will continue to recommend Yes Of Course to my friends and colleagues." (Ron, 3/10/05)

"WOW, your response was quicker then I thought it would be. I will definatly tell the other guards to do all there business with you and, my wife works for the police which just turned to nextel also." (Jeremy, 11/19/04)

"Just to let you know I received my package on time "thanx to you and UPS. And best of all, the holster I ordered for my Nextel i730 actually fits and perfectly I add. I would recommend "" to all who dealt with less professional companies and want to deal with the best." (Rick, 10/6/04)

"Many, many, many thanks, we were very impressed with your customer service and will keep you on our list of suppliers!" (Millie, 8/11/04)

"I placed an order with your company, and the young lady I spoke with, was not only very polite, helpful and pleasant to deal with, she knew the products, completed the sale to my satisfaction and I received it today by mail to my surprise. The cell case was just as advertised and just what I wanted. If I am in need of other merchandise, I will definitely buy from your company again, GREAT WORK GUYS!" (George, 4/14/04)

"I Thank you and the other lady, I will definitely recommend you all" (Rob, 3/20/04)

"Thanks for the quick response. After I sent my e-mail request, the package was delivered to my office. Believe it or not, I had two local Motorola distributors who had been trying to get clips like these but were unsuccessful. There's no doubt who I'll go to first the next time. Thanks again." (Patti, 3/1/04)

"I received my order today and would like to thank you for the quick shipping. I am very pleased with the purchase and will return for future orders. Thanks again!" (Jim, 2/16/04)

"Thank you, isn't the cable usually like 30 dollars, how come you guys are selling it for only 15? Thanks again." (Jennifer, 2/4/04)

"Thank you, whether or not the replacement will work, I am very impressed with your customer service. You can be sure that I will remain a customer and continue to refer you business. " (Larry C., 12/30/03)

"Folks, This is to say thank you for your great service and speedy delivery. Received my package today. In ordering, I had actually made a mistake which the young lady at "Yes of Course" spotted, and called me about, as well as corrected the sale to reflect proper payment to you. I have your website in my "favorites list" and will buy from you again and recommend you to those I know. Again my thanks." (Larry P., 12/17/03)

"Thank you! I appreciate the replacement and I won't hesitate to order from you again. It's very refreshing to have a company work with you when something has gone wrong. You made my day. Thanks again." (Chris, 11/24/03)

"This is just a quick follow up note to our telephone conversation today regarding your generosity and determination to help me solve my communications problem. You certainly went out of your way and I just want you to again know how very much I appreciate it. Thanks so much for your help." (Larry, 10/8/03) 

"Thank you very much! Your site is SAVING ME A LOT OF MONEY! Wahoo!"e; (Greg, 9/26/03)

"Items arrived today. Great Job and THANK YOU! I will definitely be back for more. Thank you again, It was a pleasure doing business with such a caring company." (Barney, 9/22/03)

"Ok well thank you! I will be sure to order more often now that I know how wonderful your company is! I will spread the word! (, 9/22/03)

"Received the case today... love it... Let me know if you have another just like it!" (Dave, 7/11/03)

"I was deeply impressed with the quality of the last case I ordered for the phone, I decided to get another to use for back-up when this one becomes warn out. I know I can find good quality at your site, keep up the good work!" (George, 5/19/03)

"I just want to say thank you, I love the way you take care of your customers. Thanks again." (Oswald, 5/8/03)

"Thank you very much!!! I have been looking for that rugged case for a long time and you were the only ones that carried it. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future and will recommend your company to my many friends that have Nextels. Thank you once again. (Melissa, 4/11/03) 

"I had a very nice customer service rep help me last time. Can you have her call me. I would like to order more accessories. Thank you." (Steve, 11/1/02)

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