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Nextel/Motorola iDen YOC-CALLCAP
i355, Call Capture In-Vehicle Signal Enhancer
High Performance Wireless Cellular Amplifier System For NEXTEL Only
MSRP Price: $299.99
Our Price: $199.99

Detailed Description

Call Capture™ Cellular Signal Amplifiers will increase cell phone signal strength to dramatically improve cell phone reliability. Compatible with most Nextel handsets, Call Capture™ reduces dropped cell phone calls, increases cell phone call clarity and extends cellular range for voice and Data Card Down Loads. Frustrated cell phone users will appreciate the increased signal strength and reduced number of dropped calls with10 times the signal strength, users will experience many more miles of uninterrupted service. Another key feature is that it's wireless, meaning there's no physical connection between the system and the user's cell phone. 


How does Call Capture compare to other devices?

Call Capture's 0.6 Watt Amplifier is optimized to work with existing cellular networks to reduce dropped calls and ensure proper handoff between cell towers. Other units; claiming higher power output can disrupt cellular networks and prevent proper handoff of calls.

This proven design has been used in the automotive industry for almost a decade. There are presently 400,000
amplifiers now in operation in North America.


  • Brand New
  • Full Manufacturer's Warranty
  • The Call Capture unit is just a "compensator", not a "booster" like other competitive units, right?

    The wireless unit is a signal booster or, as we prefer to call it, a signal “enhancer.” It has 50

    dB gain and will increase the signal level in your car with no wires connected to your phone.Since you have no connection to your phone, you have a variable amount of free space loss between your phone and the pick up antenna, so depending on where you are relative to the Pick up antenna you would not be anywhere near 2 or 3 watts output with the signal strength unit. Our unit will bring the power level up to 0.6 watts output but at the outside of the car, this overcomes the losses due to being inside the car.

  • Are other brands that have 2 - 3 Watts better than the Call Capture‚Äôs 0.6 watt operation?

    Since you very seldom would be able to drive your unit to 2 or 3 watts, it is not improving the range due to power. The way to improve the range is through gain and our unit has 50 dB gain. This will improve your range under all conditions unlike your 2 -3W unit.

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