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Universal, Hands Free Mirror Car Kit 2.5mm plug
Hands Free Rear View Mirror Car Kit, Now Includes Optional Parking Sensors (if phones uses 3.5mm plug, adapter sold separately & required)
MSRP Price: $69.99
Our Price: $45.00
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Detailed Description

With the FREEstyle, JMC introduced a revolutionary new concept in hands-free design by incorporating a premium hands-free car kit into a high quality anti-glare rear-view mirror. The FREEstyle PLUS takes the already feature rich Freestyle hands-free to another level by the innovative addition of a built-in audio-visual parking aid.

As well as the standard hands free features, with the FREEstyle PLUS parking is also made safer and easier with the supplied ultrasonic sensors installed in the rear of the vehicle.

When the vehicle is put in reverse, the distance and direction (left/right) any obstructions is shown on the LED display built into the FREEstyle PLUS rear-view mirror. An audible four stage-warning signal (beep sound) gives further notification of any potential collisions.

The FREEstyle PLUS also has a built-in Digital Voice Recorder, enabling you to record up to 64 seconds of phone conversations or your own voice memo really useful for directions, telephone numbers etc.
The FREEstyle PLUS is designed to work with virtually ANY mobile phone using simple adaptors, and as with the standard FREEstyle offers full control over the audio settings. The hands free unit made with a standard 2.5mm jack-plug connection, which is directly compatible with a wide variety of mobile phones. Most handsets will require a more manufacturer-specific connection, and in these instances you will require a simple Audio Adaptor - one of which will be included free when you order your JMC Hands Free unit.

Key Features
Why the FREEstyle PLUS is the ultimate hands-free solution...

1.Latest sound technology - Cutting edge echo and background noise-cancelling technology and high powered audio amplification to ensure richer clearer sound and call quality
2.Fully Duplex - utilising latest voice switching IC for clear undisrupted two way conversation
3.Digital Voice Recorder - Simple easy access single button voice record facility enabling you to record up to 64 seconds of conversations or voice memo
4.Separate high quality directional microphone � conveniently clips on sun visor for optimum voice pick-up
5.Independent microphone sensitivity and speaker volume controls - for optimum tuning of voice pick-up and sound volume in different vehicles and environments.
6.Powerful loudspeaker - utilises windscreen reflection effect sound to provide unrivalled sound reproduction-even at high speeds.
7.Completely universal - compatible with all phone types (via simple
Audio Adaptors)
8.Clutter Free - The innovative built into rear-view mirror concept keeps the interior clutter to a minimum
9.Premium anti-glare safety mirror- superior quality chrome coated safety rear-view mirror built to automotive standards.
10.Non-damaging supplied with compact self-adhesive compact magnetic phone holder enables convenient positioning of phone on vehicles dash for ease of use and signal quality. Special patented magnet designed to prevent interference to vehicles electrics or audio circuitry.
11.Headset Socket - for privacy if required (headset not included)

Technical Specifications
1.Input power: DC 12- 35V (Free Volts)
2.Speaker: 2W (maximum power output)
3.Microphone: 50dB (directional)
4.Phone connection: Standard 2.5mm 3 segment phone jack or
Audio Adaptor
5.Volume Control: Independent Speaker and Microphone sensitivity
6.Ejection Moulding Material: ABS
7.LED: Light Emitting Diode power indication and recording indicators.
8.Rear-View Mirror: Triple Layered Chrome Coated and Anti-Glare safety mirror
9.Detection: Ultrasonic sensors
10.Ultrasonic Frequency: 40 KHz
11.Operating Temperature: -20C ~ +65C
12.Length of Main Cable: 7m
13.Length of Sensor Cables: 3m
14.Length of Power Cable: 1.5m
15.Anti-Surge: Protected against over voltage and over current via inbuilt surge prevention circuit
16.Recording time: 64 Seconds
17.Size:Approximate dimensions 285mm (W) 95mm (H) 25mm (D)




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