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Universal Horizontal Premium Leather Extended Holster
Our Price: $35.99

Detailed Description

Universal Leather Horizontal Holster, Metal Belt Clip. Interior Dimensions 5 1/4 in" 2 3/4" X 5/8", This nylon horizontal mobile phone holster will keep your phone safe and sound while you go about your daily activities. This durable case is made from water and dirt resistant nylon, with a soft felt fabric interior which will protect your screen from scratches and other damage. Our nylon holster is slim and comfortable, with a rotating metal swivel belt so you can clip it to wherever is most convenient. This durable horizontal nylon holster is built to last and protect, while keeping your phone secure and by your side. All of our products are produced in the USA

  • Interior Dimensions 5 1/4 in" 2 3/4" X 5/8"
  • Heavy Duty Rotating Metal Belt Clip
  • Interior Soft felt fabric protects screen
  • Water & Dirt Resistant Nylon
  • Easy Release Magnetic System
  • Ergonomic Design
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Made in USA

Compatible Models:
  • LGLS665 (Tribute 2), VS450PP (Optimus Exceed 2), VS876 (Lucid 3), D415 (Optimus L90), LS740 (Volt), MS500 (Optimus F6), LG870 (Optimus F7), US780 (Optimus F7), LS860 (Mach), RISIOTribute DuoUltimate 2, Logos, L16C (Lucky), L15G (Sunrise), VW820 (Lancet), H340 (LEON), H326 (LEON), H345 (LEON), H443 (Escape 2), H220 (Joy), C40 (Leon)/H320, 306G, VS810PP (Transpyre), 530G, MS359 (F60), LS660 (TRIBUTE), LS620 (Realm), F70, G2 mini, MS323 (Optimus L70), D500 (Optimus F6), VS890 (Enact), VS840PP (Optimus Exceed), VS870 (Lucid 2), MS870 (Spirit 4G), P769 (Optimus L9), US730/Splendor /Venice /L86c/Optimus Showtime, P870 (Escape), LS840 (Viper), VS840 (Lucid 4G), MS840 (Connect 4G), C800 (myTouch Q), E739 (myTouch), LS855 (Marquee), Esteem, P925 (Thrill 4G), P999 (G2X), VS910 (Revolution), 
  • MOTOROLAMoto E (2nd generation), Moto G, Moto X, Moto E, XT1030 (Droid mini), XT901 (Electrify M), XT907 (Droid Razr M), XT897 (Photon Q), XT881 (Electrify 2), XT912M (Droid Razr Maxx), ME722, XT894 (Droid 4), XT912 (Droid Razr), XT603 (Admiral), MB865 (Atrix 2), Electrify, i1x (Titanium), MB855 (Photon 4G), XT875 (Droid Bionic), XT862 (Droid 3), MB810 (Droid X), 
  • SAMSUNGG360 (Prevail LTE), G850A (Galaxy Alpha), G386T (Galaxy Avant), T399 (Galaxy Light), M840 (Galaxy Prevail 2), M840 (Galaxy Ring), T599 (Galaxy Exhibit), i437 (Galaxy Express), G730A (Galaxy S III mini), Galaxy Core Prime, G313ML (Galaxy Ace 4 Lite), J100 (Galaxy J1), Galaxy Prevail Lte, G906 (GALAXY F), S765C (Galaxy Ace Style), G800H (Galaxy S5 Mini), I200PP (Galaxy Legend), i407 (Galaxy Amp), R830C (Galaxy Admire 2), Galaxy S4 mini, S738C (Galaxy Centura), I425 (Galaxy Stratosphere III), T899 (Odyssey), R830 (Galaxy Axiom), i930 (ATIV Odyssey), I415 (Galaxy Stratosphere II), i547 (Galaxy Rugby Pro), T699 (Galaxy S Relay 4G), L300 (Galaxy Victory 4G LTE), I200 (Stellar), M950 (Galaxy Reverb), R940 (Galaxy S Lightray 4G), i577 (Galaxy Exhilarate), i667 (Focus 2), i757 (Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD), R930 (Galaxy S Aviator), I847 (Rugby Smart), R920 (GALAXY ATTAIN 4G), I927 (Captivate Glide), i727 (Galaxy S II Skyrocket), i937 (Focus S), I405 (Stratosphere), T989 (Galaxy S II), D710 (Epic 4G Touch/Galaxy S II 4G/R760), I510 (Droid Charge), I997 (Infuse 4G), I777 (Galaxy S II), T959V (Galaxy S 4G), i500 (Mesmerize), i500 (Fascinate), i897 (Captivate), T959 (Vibrant), D600 (Conquer 4G), 
  • KYOCERAC6530 (Hydro Life), C5215 (Hydro Edge), E6715 (Torque XT), C6730 (Hydro Icon), C6725 (Hydro Vibe), C6522 (Hydro XTRM), C6750 (Hydro Elite), C6721 (Hydro XTRM), C2150, E6710 (Torque), 
  • NOKIALumia 635, 521 (Lumia 521), Lumia 530, 630 (Lumia 630), 520 (Lumia 520), 925 (Lumia 925), 810 (Lumia 810), 822 (Lumia 822), 900 (Lumia 900), 920 (Lumia), 820 (Lumia 820), 710 (LUMIA), 
  • ZTEN800 (Awe), N810 (Reef), Z995 (Overture), N9101 (Imperial), N9100 (Force), N861 (Warp Sequent), Maven, Z995 (Sonata 2), 812 (Overture 2), Z792 (Fanfare), Z752C (Zephyr), Z932L (Rapido LTE), Zinger, Z667 (prelude 2), Z830 (Compel), Z777 (Grand X), Z730 (Concord II), Z795G (Solar), Z788G (Illustra), Z660G (Whirl), Z665C (Valet), Z750C (Savvy), V970T (Grand X/Mimosa), Z998, N9510 (Warp 4G), Director, N8000 (Engage LT), X501 (Groove), N9500 (Flash), N9120 (Avid 4G), V8000 (Engage), MWP3505US (Render), N910 (Anthem 4G), V768 (Concord), N850 (Fury), N860 (Warp), 
  • HUAWEIH881C (Ascend Plus), 536A, Y301A2 (Vitria), Y301 (Valiant), H883G (W1), M931 (Premia 4G), U8665 (Fusion 2), U8730 (myTouch Q), U8680 (myTouch), M886 (Mercury), U8800 (Impulse 4G), 
  • APPLEiPhone 5C, iPhone 5S/5, iPod touch (5th generation), iPhone 4S/4, iPod touch (4th generation), iPod touch (6th generation)
  • MICROSOFTLumia 435, 
  • BLACKBERRYClassic, Q5, Q10, Z10, 9860 (Torch), 9850 (Torch), 
  • ALCATEL4015 (One Touch /C1), 4037T (One Touch Evolve II), 988B (One Touch Shockwave), 7024W (One Touch Fierce), 5020T (One Touch Evolve), ADR3045US (One Touch Shockwave), 995 (One Touch), One Touch 960C (Authority), 
  • SHARP306 (Aquos Crystal), 
  • BLUA270a (Advance 4.0), 
  • HTCOne mini/M4, 8XT, First, One SV, 8S (Accord), EVO V 4G, One V, One S, ADR6410 (INCREDIBLE 4G LTE), X310a (TITAN), Vivid, Radar 4G, EVO Design 4G, ADR6285 (Hero S), Amaze 4G, ADR6330 (Rhyme), ADR6425 (Rezound), Hero 4G/Kingdom, myTouch 4G Slide, Sensation 4G, EVO 3D, ADR6350 (Droid Incredible 2), Inspire 4G, ADR6400 (Thunderbolt), myTouch 4G, EVO 4G, HD2, 
  • NECTerrain, 
  • PANTECHADR930LVW (Perception), P9090 (Discover), P8010 (Flex), ADR910LVW (Marauder), P9070 (Burst), ADR8995 (Breakout), 
  • CASIOC811 (G'zOne Commando 4G), 
  • COOLPAD5860E (Quattro 4G)

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