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International Calling, Made Easy!
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Once you submit your cellular phone number, you'll receive a text message with your access number, be sure to save that number to your phone, and use the number when your ready to use your free minutes.
It's that simple!
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With Homies No Mas, get International Calling
with a touch of a button on your cell phone......
  • No Pins
  • No Calling Cards
  • No Expirations
  • No Fees
  • No Charges
  • No Subscriptions
  • No more Problems....
Call anyone in the world with Homies No Mas low rates... Call directly from your cell phone. Program multiple cell phone numbers to your account, so you all share minutes. Program up to 9 speed dial numbers. You can add speed dial numbers by calling us,
Our contact number: 1-888-866-6280

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An access number will be provided for you. Save the access number to your phone. When you place your call to the access number it will prompt you with your balance, and to then dial the number you desire.... The speed dial feature is a great way to save time from dialing additional numbers... Rates adjusted automatically depending if you call a cellular phone, or landline.
Refilling your account is easy, refill in sets of $5, $10, and $20
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