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Nextel/Motorola iDen SPN5394
Battery Only Charger, OEM by Motorola (Power Supply Not Incl.)
For: i880/i580/ic902/ic402/ic502/ic602, or any BC/BK/BR/BT series Batteries.
MSRP Price: $29.95
Our Price: $19.95
Out of stock

Detailed Description

Compatable with ALL these Batteries!

BC-series batteries
BK-series batteries
BR-series batteries
BT-series batteries
SNN5766 (BT50)
SNN5771 (BT50, Ltd)
SNN5762 (BT51 Vzw, Ltd)
SNN5800 (BT53, Brazil)
SNN5744 (BT60)
SNN5782 (BT60, Ltd)
SNN5783 (BT61 Vzw, Ltd)
SNN5767 (BT70)
SNN5799 (BT63, Brazil)
SNN5759 (BT90)
SNN5765 (BT90 Vzw, Ltd)
SNN5804 (BQ50)
SNN5696 (BR50)
SNN5777 (BR51, Vzw)
SNN5794 (BR51, Vzw)
SNN5802 (BR51, Brazil)
AANN4337 (BR54, TTA)
SNN5797 (BR56

SNN5788 (BR91, Vzw)
SNN5789 (BZ60)
SNN5779 (BC50)
SNN5821 (BC53, Brazil)
KANN4000 (BC54, Korea)
SNN5768 (BC60)
SNN5791 (BC60)
SNN5781 (BC60-Ltd)
SNN5798 (BC62, DOCOMO)
SNN5801 (BC63, Brazil)
KANN4001 (BC64, Korea)
SNN5769 (BC70)
SNN5803 (BC74, Korea)
SNN5770 (BC90)
SNN5784 (BK60)
SNN5756 (BK61, Vzw)
SNN5792 (BK70)
SNN5754 (BK90)
SNN5758 (BK90, Vzw)
SNN5793 (BK10)

Please Note** Item does not include power supply

(your existing Mini-USB wall charger will work or see compatable products below) 

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